At the Black Tech Academy

We Provide Next Level Technology and Business Education Through Shared Experiences.


We were established in early 2019 by a collective group of black entrepreneurs. Our platform is focused on bridging the gap between modern education and black empowerment.

Students have received personalized content, clarified their goals and built success from their passions by acquiring and refining the skills through our platform. We’ve doubled-down on that precedence through affordable tuition costs and high-caliber online courses.

Our online classrooms exist to serve three narratives: those who’ve felt their voices haven’t been heard by corporations and institutions and skills have been undervalued, those who have a desire to create a new narrative for themselves and those who seek to be an ambassador of black excellence.


Our guiding principle is to make a positive impact against the systemic problems that surround minorities in technology. Proper education through proven experience is how we approach these problems and we believe that it is essential to the future of our online businesses, brick and mortar stores, and professional careers.

We do this by equipping you with today’s knowledge and resources that will help shape tomorrow’s professional careers and businesses. We show you how to leverage technology in different disciplines so that your own audience can benefit from that knowledge.

Our educators, coaches, and mentors teach these lessons through structured and engaging online courses. Our vision is to become the #1 platform to learn tech and non-tech skills for the culture.

“This is beautifully branded
and such a bomb concept!”

Stefanie Manns

Our Team

Our instructors have experience across a wide variety of fields.

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Kadeem Pardue

Founder, Full Stack Developer, Entrepreneur

Bill McCleskey

Award-Winning Tech Entrepreneur, Sales, Innovation, Coaching, Speaker, Author

Nia Terry

Business Development and Event Planning Coordinator