Our Commitment

Our promise to you as you enjoy our high-quality online education program

We Are Listening

Your voice is what makes our program work. We listen to your feedback and through our advisory process make improvements to the program.

Please send us your comments and suggestions at [email protected] for any or all of the three focus areas in which the Black Tech Academy is making changes and improvements: High-Quality Online Education; Student Privacy & Safety; and Community Misconduct.

We Focus On Change

If you have suggestions on how we can affect change together email us at [email protected]

We Focus On Change

Our innovative learning platform will build the next community of black leaders, entrepreneur, and professionals. We strive to put the community first and offer new fun ways to make a change against social problems surrounding the culture. We know that we can achieve more together.


Email us at [email protected] with any suggestions or questions you may have.

We Respect Beliefs

Each lesson within a course is generally released weekly or bi-weekly so that you have time to complete them. You can expect to complete a single course in 6-8 weeks and be enrolled in up to 5 courses per bimester term.

We Foster A Safe Community

Our academy provides content designed to share knowledge and inspire communities of color; however, anyone who has a passion for learning is eligible to join the academy. Data is safe, secure and opinions are valued and encouraged to be shared.

We Foster A Safe Community

If you have suggestions on how we can make our platform better email us at [email protected]