Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take care of the basics first.

Q. How are the courses structured?
A. Each course is designed to be 8 weeks long. Courses will be offered through online video content and contain supplementary downloadable workbooks as well as audio and text transcripts. Each instructor specializes in the course discipline and the course has gone through a rigorous process to ensure first-class quality.

Q. How many courses can I enroll in?
A. Students can enroll in up to 5 courses per term and is recommended to get the most value out of the program. We chose 5 because we want to ensure that the courses provide real results through active engagement from instructors and others students.

Q. How will I choose which courses I want?
A. When students first enroll, they will be asked a questionnaire that will help the system understand what their goals are. Upon completing the questionnaire the student will be given a preferred track for an entire year and recommendations on which courses they should enroll in first. They will also be paired up with a student aide to guide them through the first few weeks of their classes.

Q. What are the type of courses I can enroll in?
A. The Black Tech Academy provides educational content that shows students how to leverage technology to promote growth in business and professional careers.

Q. Do I have to be a programmer/tech-savvy to join?
A. Not at all! Students don’t have to have any background in tech whatsoever. They don’t even have a degree, certification or a business. They just have to have a passion for reimagining themselves and learning. Our courses are designed to equip students with profound tech and non-tech skills to help you reach your goals. The courses are taught at the most fundamental levels so that everyone can understand them and can be studied at more advanced levels throughout the program.

Q. Are the courses live?
A. Yes, courses are offered via a hybrid learning model. Instructors are required to engage with the students through private messaging and office hours and provide some form of content live throughout the term. Students can ask questions to instructors and peers as well.

Q. Can I work on the homework on my own time?
A. Yes, many course lessons have homework due on specific dates; however, you can work on them on your own time before the deadline. The course lessons are well-structured yet flexible.

Q. How can I contact my instructor?
A. The easiest way to contact your instructor is to use the private messaging tool or attend office hours with your instructor. Details on how to attend office hours will be provided in each course syllabus.

Q. Is the program really free?
A. Yes! 100% free. No hidden costs. Our graduation ceremony is once a year and we do charge tickets for that (but it is not required to attend). For Gold Members tickets are 20% off.

Q. What should I expect after my first payment?
A. The system will provide you with an easy and simple onboarding experience. First, it will give you a questionnaire to fill out in order to get you in the right classes. You will also be paired up with a student aide who will email you and help you with any questions you may have while you are getting familiar with your courses. You’ll also receive an eLibrary card that you can use to access premium content in the eLibrary section of the website.

Q. When is the first day of class?
A. Check the Academic Calendar for the first day of class.

Q. Can I withdraw from a course?
A. You may withdraw from a course at any time.

Q. How do I change my class?
A. After registration has closed you are not allowed to change your class for the term. Please refer to the Academic Calendar to know when registration closes.

Q. If I missed a lesson, am I able to go back and view it?
A. Yes, lessons are released weekly. If you miss a lesson you can access previously released lessons at any time. You have a lifetime unlimited access to those lessons and courses.

Q. Do I need to purchase any materials for the term?
A. We recommend owning a laptop (PC, Mac or Linux), a video camera (built-in or external) and headphones for the best learning experience. Mobile devices such as tablets and phones are also acceptable.

Q. How were the instructors selected?
A. Instructors have gone through a rigorous training and have proven to know their disciplines at an expert level. We have verified their experiences and believe that their course content can positively impact the narrative of online education for our culture.

Q. How can I interact with my peers?
A. To reach out to your peers you can send them a private message and live chat. Personal information is not available unless the students themselves give that information to you through private message.

Q. How can I access the eLibrary content?
A. Upon enrollment, you will receive a unique eLibrary card. You must use it in order to access the eLibrary content.

Q. How can I share my success story?
A. Send us an email at [email protected] with your story of how the Black Tech Academy inspired you.